• Performance Steels®

    We proudly present the “New Generation High Performance Steels” used by the most advanced technology companies, providing high performance. Instead of steels that will cause time, labor and energy loss in production; You will be able to supply high performance new generation steels from our company with a cleaner microstructure and technical support guaranteed. Since its inception in Turkiye, Birlesik Metal who signed lots of innovations and introduced numerous new steel to the industry, presents the new generation performance steels from stock and in a different concept. Birlesik-Performance® concept collects these designed new generation steels under a single name, and increases production efficiency with the collaboration of Industrialist - University and Steel Production Plant. Performance technology guarantees cleaner microstructure than Esr and increasing mold/part life.

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  • Hot Work Tool Steel

    Hot Work Tool Steel, which does not lose its hardness and strength under high temperature; materials resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks.

  • Cold Work Tool Steel

    Tool Steels with abrasion resistance used in moulds such as cutting, crushing, plastering. When the martensitic transformation in high carbon cold work tool steels is completed in minus streams, cryogenic process is applied to minimize the amount of residual austenite. This process, which is applied at -196 degrees, increase the toughness and abrasion resistance of the materials considerably.

  • Plastic Mould Steel

    Excellent polishing and processability properties; high strength and high resistance to corrosion.

  • Nitriding Steel

    Usually, it can be used as sleeve and screw on plastic extrusion machines. At the same time, it can be used as a spade in cases where the brightness of the plastic moulds is not important.

  • High Speed Steel

    High-Speed Steels have high wear resistance and toughness due to their high alloying elements. With these superior properties, they are very high resistance to temperature increase during operation.

  • Stainless Steel

    It is a very high resistance against corrosion in any environment. It has a very clean microstructure and does not contain a free ferrite phase. Due to its very good tempering properties it is hard and strong.

  • Powder Metallurgical Steel

    Powder Metallurgy, as flange connection valves, you are allowed to produce homogeneous components which have same properties in all directions. It helps saving material and decrease the turning cost. Powder metallurgy is the future technology. Powder metallurgy is preferable due to bring strength, performance and also to improve the quality of cold worked tool steel and high performance gear cutting tool production.

  • Uncommon Steels

    Uncommon Steels are designed to meet the needs of the manufacturer in a positive way. These steels, which have been developed sectorally, do not have a wide place in the market, but are the products demanded by the producers.