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TOOL STEEL \ Plastic Mould Tool Steel

Plastic Mould Tool Steel

Plastic Mould Tool Steel

Grade C Cr Mo Ni Mn Si
1.2738 0,40 2,00 0,25 1,00 1,50 -
1.2083 0,40 12,5 - - - -
1.2316 0,36 16,00 1,20 - - -
1.2312 0,40 1,90 0,12 - 1,50 0,05
1.2311 0,40 1,90 0,20 - 1,50 -
1.1730 0,46 - - - 0,70 0,30
1.2764 0,19 1,30 0,20 4,10 - -

Plastic Mould Tool Steel
1.2083 (X42Cr13)

1.2083  is a chromium alloyed stainless plastic mould steel, which is characterised by good polishability, good hardenability giving high hardness, with fair corrosion resistance

Pre heat to 600-700°C until heated through. Continue heating to the final hardening temperature of 980-1050 °C and allow the component to be heated through.  Protect against decarburisation by using neutral salt bath, controlled atmosphere furnace or vacuum. Air cool or quench in oil.

Grade  Properties
1.2738 Very well polishable with higher resistance against wearing. Very well hardnenable. Weldable. With a good ratio between strength and toughness.
1.2083 Stainless martensitic steel with a high hardenability, good polishing properties, excellent resistance to corrosion and hot oxidation.
1.2316 Excellent corrosion resistance, hardness permeability is strong.
1.2311 Well machinable, polishable steel with high toughness. The surface hardness could be improved by nitriding.
1.2312 This is 1.2311 modified by sulphur. Very well machinable, polishable steel with a high toughness. The surface hardness could be improved by nitriding.
1.1730 Good machinability and thoughness.
1.2764 Very good polishability.
Grade Application
1.2738 Very stressed tools for extrusions and light metal pressure casting. Small dies, punching mandrels, stamps, cutting dies. Tools cooled with water.
1.2083 Extrusion dies and dies for light metal processing. Small and medium forging dies. Tools cooled with water. Small and medium-sized cutting tools. Stressed parts  for metal pressure casting.
1.2316 Extremely stressed tools for extruding and non-metal pressure casting. Tools for heat work cooled with water. Small and medium-sized dies highly resistant against wearing. Mostly stressed tools for plastics processing.
1.2311 Extrusion of copper and copper alloys, forging dies, piercing mandrels
1.2312 Big and medium-sizes dies for forging hammer and forging presses. Big-sized punchs, forging inserts, cutting mandrels, knives. Auxiliary tools for extruding. Big-sized tools for plastic moulding. Knives for scrap cutting.
1.1730 Cold heading dies, top and bottom plates for plastic die casting, die casting tools, hand tools, tongs, agricultural tools, blanking tools, leather knives.
1.2764 Press tools, highly stressed plastic moulds, profilling rolls.

Leader of Tool Steel in Turkey.

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Leader of Tool Steel in Turkey.


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